We are on a mission to change the future of work.


Victoria University recognises the important role it plays in the community.


Victoria University recognises the important role it plays in the community  and is cognisant that the resources, network and capability it posseses are incredibly valuable to partners, businesses, and individuals in its ecosystem.

Victoria University also recognises its responsibility toward advancing human knowledge and so, like all universities, engages in research and the provision of courses.  But often an opportunity knocks on the doors of the university and it struggles to find a rightful place, it falls through the cracks, it cant seem to wedge itself in the large list of priorities and initiatives the university is working on.

This is where VU Innovations comes in, we have established a vehicle to create value, in the broadest possible way, across the ecosystem in which the university exists. Value for each player as well as for the network as a whole. It is our role to help unlock potential and provide the platform to for you to change the future of learning, work and living well.


"Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So let's all go exploring. "

Edith Widder
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We believe entrepreneurship should be part of every learner’s journey.

Entrepreneurship has always been the key driver of the economy. We all know the nature of work is changing. The rapid pace in which technology is developing is causing widespread disruption, both in organisational cultures and working practices.

Learning comes in many forms – through experience, through curiosity, through travel, work and of course the traditional school and university system. But most of all education comes from rolling up your sleeves and giving things a go. We established VU Innovations as a platform to foster curiosity, collaboration and community. We aren't just an investment fund. Nor are we just a learning provider. We are here to stimulate new ideas to create value for the future of learning and work.