Growing the Startup Community in the West with the iHarvest Program 


Building communities aimed at the growth and development of startups always makes us excited. Which is why we got right into it when Brimbank City Council asked us for help with the iHarvest program. 

 We believe that by stimulating a culture of learning we can ensure the right to access knowledge for all. Knowledge empowers individuals to choose their path in the work they do and how they contribute back into their own community support economic development. 

We are working towards this goal by delivering higher-ed skills in a laid-back style within the collaborative learning space of the Sunshine Business Hub. 


Pairing uniquely designed masterclasses alongside the newly crafted iHarvest coworking space, this program supports tailored learning. Participants are armed with workshops, meetups, pitch nights and one-on-one mentoring sessions to prepare for the real world of startups. 

 We are focused on delivering 9 masterclasses and 120 mentoring sessions in this program to ensure that each participant walks forward with an entrepreneurial mindset and how to apply it. We believe developing a strong foundation in mindset and startup development will impart a modern and adaptable skill set that will promote individual’s ability to future proof themselves in any field. The flexibility of our program delivery makes it radically inclusive and applicable for all.