Chasing Community Connections Through Sound

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Activating community hubs by establishing pathways for connection and unbiased access to the arts is not only a passion project for us but part of our shifting mindsets strategy. Chasing Sound Music School operates with the mission to fascinate and educate the community with music education and performances avenues. We are delighted to support Chasing Sound in growing their reach and offering more opportunities to school age students who otherwise might not have had access to Chasing Sound’s offering.

Expanding from 50 school age students to 250 mixed age students in two years Chasing Sound has proven itself to be a focal point of the Western community. Our sponsorship includes $30,000 to purchase 30 instruments and award 4 scholarships for one full year of lessons each. Chasing Sound’s recently opened upgraded school space has 9 teaching studios and a performance space to host annual recitals for the new concert band program designed for Footscray Primary School. 

In sponsoring this organisation we see the benefits of facilitating community connections through the arts. Uniting the West-side society through this musical hub supports collaborations with Victoria University and contributes to the economic stimulation of the Western suburbs. The partnership with Chasing Sound also creates new placement opportunities for existing VU students to apply their learning, as well as, establishing pathways for future learners into VU to evolve their knowledge.