Developing Startups in West with Hand-ons Workshops with the Economic Gardening Program  


When Brimbank City council asked us to design and deliver a program that focused on building a strong entrepreneurial mindset into their local business and startup community we jumped right into it. We believe that the biggest gatekeepers live in our own heads, so by empowering the local community with higher-ed skills in a low-key manner we can improve the success of an individual and increase their chances to find purpose in their work. 

Our delivery style is radically inclusive and created to be approachable for all kinds of learners. 


Through strategically developed, hands-on workshops this program will accelerate the discovering of a business idea, planning it and scaling the business into a sustainable model. Geared to support existing business, entrepreneurs, innovators and young people growing startup ideas participants are guided by our Entrepreneurs in Residence in one-on-one sessions in addition to workshops to ensure each person’s learning style is being met.  

 This program has been designed to run over 9 weeks to simulate the fast-paced nature of the real world. In this journey, participants confirmed the desirability and feasibility of their startup with real customers to gain real world experience. The flow of our workshops guides participants through the foundations of finance, marketing, design, and pitching to gain knowledge in a hands-on approach in a safe environment. Our informal teaching style allows participants to practice and network amongst themselves encouraging community and collaboration. 

Access to information is transforming rapidly. We hold ourselves responsible to guarantee that the community can reach the resources that they need to not only keep up but to excel. Our delivery methods promises that higher education subjects are conveyed to the community in a style that translates to all regardless of education level, age or any other difference empowering successful individuals with a strong mindset.