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Stories are a far more powerful way for you to connect to what it actually is we do. Check out or portfolio of initiatives, investments and businesses we have helped along the way. If you can visualise your business here because your idea is a game changer for the the future of work, learning or living well and has a positive impact in the world then reach out.


The Entrepreneurial Mindset.


In today's rapidly changing world it doesn't matter if you work for yourself or if you work for someone else, you'll need a self-starting, future-oriented and persistently proactive mindset. Such a mindset combined with
effective teamwork in a multidisciplinary context has been the driver of entrepreneurial success for decades.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset minor is created by the Entrepreneurs-in-Residence to build exactly those skills.




TRACK helps organisations understand the performance of athletes, how to train those athletes more effectively for true sporting high performance whilst concurrently minimising injury risk.

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Chasing Sound


Chasing Community Connections Through Sound

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On the verge of starting your career.


Tennis Australia


Powering the game with science


Startup Vic


Uncovering the issues of founders in Victoria


Hot House


HigherEd in the community with City of Melton




Growing the western startup community




A hands on program for Small Business and startups of Brimbank.