Stories are a far more powerful way for you to connect to what it actually is we do. Check out or portfolio of initiatives, investments and businesses we have helped along the way. If you can visualise your business here because your idea is a game changer for the the future of work, learning or living well and has a positive impact in the world then reach out.


The Hanger

Victoria University's Startup Stimulator.

announced soon.

A major new Sport Science industry-partnership.


Announced soon.

 Assistive Tech hardware for those with limited mobility.



Monthly meet up to inspire, educate and connect individuals in the start-up, tech and Innovation space across Melbourne’s West. 

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The EntrEpreneurial Mindset

A Minor course of study to equip students with the skills needed to succeed in the future.


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springboard for business

Empowering your organisation and team to execute on bold new ideas using our proven approach to innovation and creative thinking.