Uncovering the issues of founders 

across Victoria


The strongest entrepreneurial ecosystems are led and built by founders. Which is why teamed up with the largest community-based startup organisation in Australia, StartUp Victoria to elevate the voices and stories of founders themselves. 

Found aims for a closer view of the current challenges and lessons learned of founders grounded in their own words and stories. 


“Found will give founders from Mildura to Mallacoota the chance to have their voices heard, and to drive the future of a more supportive, successful startup ecosystem in Victoria.” 

Peter Dawkins, Vice Chancellor / Victoria University 

 “Found will empower both the public and private sectors to make strategic decisions that will truly help our diverse founder-base to achieve global success sooner.” 

Judy Anderson, CEO / Startup Victoria 

 Startup Victoria and Victoria University have partnered to launch Found to shed light on the experiences of launching ambitious, fast growing startups in Victoria. We are interested in widening the view of startup experiences by featuring entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and dispersed across the state. We want to share the highs and lows, and to challenge some of the myths and stereotypes about founders and startup culture that still linger from the past.  
We will use the findings to identity gaps for policy-makers and inform new directions for entrepreneurship education providers. But above all, we are hoping this work facilitates founders to learn directly from each other, to help reveal the grit alongside the gloss along the journey of founding an ambitious startup in Victoria.