Powering the Game with Science  


The right racquet can improve your performance by up to 10%. This can mean the difference between winning and losing. We leverage the data from our physical Tennis Lab to find your perfect racquet in minutes. 


Just like a runner's shoes or a golfer's clubs, choosing the right racquet depends on your physique and your game. Yet more than 80% of tennis players use racquets that aren't suited to their needs. This affects performance and can cause or aggravate injury. 

It all starts with the physical courtside experience. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Tennis Lab has analysed hundreds of players and tested 80% of racquets on the market across the top five brands. We've used this data to build a world-first algorithm that recommends the best three racquets for you, online. Our racquet recommender is objective, accurate and validated.  

In fact, you shouldn't trust your game to anything less.