Spicing Things Up with Knowledge in the Hot House Project


Teaming up with the City of Melton to support emerging business in the rapidly growing suburb was a no-brainer.  With Melton being in the top ten fastest growing areas of Melbourne, we saw the opportunity to empower local community with higher-ed skills, enhancing the success of individuals and supporting the economic growth of the region. The masterclasses and mentoring that were part of the program focused on building startup skills in an approachable manner. 


Created to embolden entrepreneurs this program provides foundations in startup specific tips, tricks and tools. The hands-on learning ensures that participants will be confidently prepared to develop their ideas into businesses and growth. 

Over the course of the 9-week long program, designed to simulate the fast-paced nature of the real world, participants have transformed their ideas to actuality by testing its desirability, feasibility and viability with real customers. This skillset is adaptable, as at its core we teach complex problem solving. We believe that knowledge is a right and that by inclusively sharing education we can guarantee the success of the community. 

Our delivery methods ensure that higher-ed subjects are conveyed in a style that translates to all, regardless of education level, age or any other difference resulting in successful individuals and community.