On the Verge of Starting Your Career 


We know that the future of work is changing. To prepare students for their future careers they need to be equipped with expertise and practice. Martin Astbury knows this, too, and is preparing students with Verge, Victoria University’s student recruitment service.  


Verge takes away the need for students to navigate the working market by matching them with the right employer first off. Martin’s economic savvy coupled with the personal touch needed to facilitate beneficial employer connections makes Verge unique. The journey of Verge began in 2015 when Martin started focusing on freelance recruitment for students. As Martin has developed and iterated his process, the specialized Verge service has emerged. Verge’s networking of local businesses and impassioned students has contributed to our goal of invigorating the Western suburbs. Providing practical, paid experience in the professional environment is gearing up Victoria University students to begin their careers. We’ve put our money where our mission is by investing in Verge.